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The Internet's best responses to same-sex marriage in the US.

The best…and the worst.

The US Supreme Court has ruled in favour of same-sex marriage. This means, that should they decide to tie-the-knot, same-sex couples across the country will meet no legal obstacles.

And from the incredible reaction sweeping the Internet today, it is clear to see just how many Americans, and people around the world, are thrilled at this result.

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#LoveWins is trending on Twitter around the world, a simple and all-encompassing statement of unity, equality and support. People are sharing thoughts and photographs of themselves, and their friends and family, who because of the ruling, now have equal rights.

us legalises gay marriage
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Many celebrities have also taken to social media to share their happiness. People such as actor/director James Franco, Presidential Candidate Hilary Clinton, One Direction’s Harry Styles and actress Olivia Wilde has been very vocal in their support.

Check out some of the celebrity responses to the ruling (post continues after gallery)…

Openly gay celebrities, some of whom have been able to get married in their home states, are over the moon at with the landmark ruling. Actress and comedian Rosie O’Donnell tweeted, “WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL ! #gaymarriage #LoveWins #SCOTUS #KaliefBrowder.” Talk-Show Queen Ellen Degeneres simply stating, “Love won. #MarriageEquality.”


Unfortunately, with such a beautiful and blinding amount of light, there is bound to be a select few trying to seek out the dark. But not even they can rain on today’s equality-parade.

Many individuals who are anti-same-sex marriage have also voiced their feelings on Twitter. However, it appears they are a little misguided in their plans to flee the ‘corruption’ of marriage equality.

Good plan guys.

“Well this country is going to hell after that. Moving to Canada,” said one Twitter user. “Gay marriage is legalised in the entire US, moving to Canada.” said another.

Of course, same-sex marriage has been legal across Canada for almost 10 years. In fact, it is just coming up to the milestone anniversary on July 20th. So if we are lucky, perhaps these people who are planning to flee the US will make it over the border just in time to be showered with rainbows.

A landmark day for the US. Here’s hoping the Australian government stands up very soon.


How long do you think until Australia follows suit?

For more on the global same-sex marriage movement:

Christine Forster, the PM’s sister says same-sex marriage will become legal this year.

The majority of Australian’s want same-sex marriage. It’s our politicians who don’t.

People came #HomeToVote for gay marriage in Ireland. It was beautiful.

‘Stop telling me Christians don’t support same-sex marriage.’



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