The women of Mamamia get brutally honest about what Trump’s victory really means.

Are you broken? Do you feel like the world has ended?

Fear not, you are not alone.

The women of Mamamia, along with a few friendshave rallied together to share their feelings and debrief about the Trumpocalypse.

How did this happen? How do we talk to our kids about Trump? What does this say about the world?

We have no idea. So we did what we always do: We talked.

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Mia Freedman – Co Founder and Content Director

“I’m feeling heartsick. Absolutely shattered. I feel sick for what it says about our culture, that people have voted in this creature, that they’ve said yes to racism, bigotry, ‘build the wall’, ‘lock her up’, ‘Trump that bitch’, that’s what America has voted for.”

Kate Spies – Former Head of Content at Spring St, New York resident

“People outside of big urban areas are feeling really disenfranchised and scared about the world at the moment. To us, he’s espousing hate, but there are Americans who love that and they want this guy who is gonna come in powerfully and say ‘make America great again.'”

Jacqueline Lunn – Senior Editor

“For me this is a victory for hate. It’s not a victory for love at all… I always thought, ‘here’s a woman who has the credentials. She’s smart and strong,’ and they decided to go for something that is nasty, and full of hate. Everything I abhor in my personal value set.”

The faces of four Hillary supporters.

Jessie Stephens - Content Producer

"I think it's a loss for women everywhere. As a woman, it's this horrible expression of where we stand. With Barack Obama we felt like we'd taken these leaps forward and now we've just regressed 100 years.

There are people saying maybe it should have been another opponent, but this is the most qualified, incredible candidate and I don't think we could have had anyone better in that position."

Rosie Waterland - Writer

"I'm terrified for what it will mean the next four, and possibly eight years. I'm worried for people of colour, I'm worried for the LGBTQI community, I'm worried for women, I'm worried particularly for Muslims.

My three-year-old nephew is a Muslim called Mohammed. I worry about what kind of world he's going to grow up in when people have voted in a man who tells him he's a terrorist."

Holly Wainwright - Mamamia's Head of Entertainment

"This is Brexit all over again... A lot of the people I know wanted to remain and they couldn't even comprehend it. And what it shows is this enormous division.

Every news poll, every podcast any of us listen to, any smart liberal commentator we listen to, all the female comedians that we worship, they are all one way. And we are out of step."

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