Easy updos that rescue unwashed hair.

I only wash my hair twice week. I can’t be bothered washing it more often. Whenever I have to wash my hair I have to treat it, put product in it, style it and blow dry it to make it look any good.

Second-day hair is ideal but that would requiring washing and styling my hair every second day.

Who has time for that?

Thankfully there are some great updos you can fall back on, styles that require slightly dirty hair to be able to do at all. And they are great saves for when your hair really could use a wash, but the allure of the snooze button has gotten the better of you.

Three hair braids perfect for summer. Article continues after this video.

Here are 5 updo hairstyles that are total life-savers and take just minutes. All you need is good hairspray with a bit of shine in it, a fine-tooth comb and if you have any, a bit of dry shampoo.

1. Messy Pony

'Amanda Peet looks so cute with a messy pony.' Image: Getty

When you need a super-fast hairstyle for unwashed hair a messy pony is the best, but it still requires a few steps. Firstly you need to tease your hair at the crown so it holds and you can shape it. Then use your fingers to scrape it back and fasten it with a hair tie similar to your hair colour. Don't forget to run your fingers through the actual pony tail.

A big spritz of hairspray and some statement earrings and you're ready to go.

2. Side Bun

'Tyra Banks rocks the side bun.' Image: Getty

Shiny hair can be faked, even when it's unwashed. It's all about buying hair products that say "gloss" or "shine" or use a little hair oil spread through with your fingertips. Comb your hair first before teasing the crown and then do a side part, shape the larger side using your comb and then fasten the bun to the side.

It's so easy to secure a bun with unwashed hair, much more than clean and slippery hair.


3. Sleek Pony

'Kim K is the queen of the sleek pony.' Image: Getty

The sleek ponytail is so glamorous and can be paired with casual outfits as well as more formal attire. You will need to comb your hair straight back, making sure their are no bumps. Once fastened at the crown (once again with a hair tie that is similar to your hair colour) comb out the pony tail.

Resist the urge to use too much hairspray on the sleek pony. Just one spritz.

'A chunky side plait can be worn at the back or to the side like Beyonce.' Image: Getty

The chunky plait is a life-saver. It looks like you've put lots of thought and effort into your hair but you really haven't. If you want it to look even more special plait it on the side like Beyonce. All you need to do is tease your hair at the crown and then spray it with a bit of hairspray before plaiting.

After you plait it, use your fingers to spread each section of the plait out a bit so it looks stylish, textured and effortless.

5. High Bun

'Katie Holmes looks elegant with a high bun.' Image: Getty

This is my go-to updo hairstyle for when I haven't had time to wash my hair or get it cut. I think I wore my hair like this for three years when I had two little babies close together. To further mask my hair's state of uncleanliness I'd usually add a think hairband to the front in different colours.

Start with a messy high ponytail and tease both the crown and the ponytail itself before twisting it into a messy bun, securing it with one hairband. A bit of hairspray later and you are done.