How to break out of your boring work wear rut.

If you work five days a week, you’ll have to make a whopping 260 outfit decisions over the course of the year.

It’s no wonder we fall into a white-shirt-and-black-pant rut come February; we’re already exhausted.

Not only is figuring out what to wear to work every day tiring, dressing professionally can be tricky. Anything too tight, too short or too colourful is out. And most corporate workplaces have rules (unspoken or otherwise) about covering up arms, skirt lengths and what type of accessories are considered appropriate.

Just as an FYI, you should know that this is an advertorial for Trade Secret.

A great bag can instantly update your work wardrobe.

But I’m going to show you how you can update your work wardrobe in 2015 for as little as $10. Your secret weapon? Trade Secret. You may have heard about their stores before. If not, they sell fashion and homewares at up to 60% off other stores’ prices. These are big brands you know and love, and already shop for in department stores. There’s no seconds, current season fashion is dropped in store every day and their career wear section has just been refreshed for 2015.

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So if you didn’t get the pay rise you were hoping for in 2014, you can still afford to update your look this year. I took Mamamia writer Caitlin into a Trade Secret store to shop for a new capsule wardrobe. We found statement necklaces from $6.95, comfy black and gold heels for $39.95, on-trend shift dresses starting at $59.95 and handbags from $59.95. Take a look.

Outfit 1: Ivanka Trump dresses $79.95, Italian Leather Heels $69.95, Kardashian statement necklaces from $6.95. Total outfit: $156.85. This outfit would be $284.90 in other stores.

Outfit 2: Libertine navy blazer $59.95, pants $39.95, Ivanka Trump blue blouse 29.95, Kardashian statement necklaces from $6.95, Italian Leather Heels $69.95. Total outfit: $206.75. This outfit would be $415.80 in other stores.

Where to shop when you’ve got Champagne taste on a beer budget.

Outfit 3: Ivanka Trump dresses $69.95, gold heels $39.95, handbag $59.95. Total outfit: $169.85. This outfit would be $298.95 in other stores.

Trade Secret is full of unique treasures and what’s here today might be gone tomorrow, so you need to be quick to get the very best bargains. The good news is there’s always something to discover on every visit, as new stock arrives every day.

Click through to see pics from Caitlin and Nicky’s visit instore,  as well as other products on offer at Trade Secret. 

*Savings based on full price comparative product found at one or more Australian retail store or online. Styles, size, colours, brands & fabric may vary. Stock may not be available in all stores.

At Trade Secret you’ll find top brand fashion & homewares for up to 60% off other stores prices every day. We deal direct with designers to negotiate incredible deals on this season’s fashion & homewares and then pass those savings on. New stock arrives every day, so there’s something to discover on every visit!

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