Kids clothes' to get you through the growth spurts.

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If children grew consistently, little by little each day, it would be okay. I could work with that. I could track it and budget for it. I’d know exactly when they needed new clothes and shoes.

Instead, they grow something like this:

No growth;

No growth;

No growth;


They grow a bit like the Hulk, bursting out of shoes and clothes inconsistently, like two out of my three children have done this year. My daughter Caterina, six – bless her – still fits into most of her winter wardrobe however the boys have shot up and need new clothes.

Then there’s the added complication of my oldest Philip now being 12 and having all sorts of opinions on what he wears. Why can’t he be like my eight-year-old Giovanni and just wear what I buy him?

Stocking up on winter clothing and footwear for three kids can be costly and there’s no point buying designer labels because children have no concept of money. They will smear pasta sauce, mud and paint on whatever they are wearing. Plus, the growing.

Three growing kids. Image: supplied.

I really must feed them less protein…

I head to Kmart to do the bulk of the kids’ winter clothes shopping because it is so affordable and the clothing is so versatile. Plain long-sleeved t-shirts, long pants, socks, undies and footwear means I can buy lots of clothes in a variety of colours and then create their winter wardrobe.

I don’t bring my kids clothes shopping with me. THAT is a recipe for disaster. Not only do my boys dislike clothes shopping but as soon as they are in Kmart they start begging for a toy.

“Not toy shopping today boys.”


“Just a little one?”

“No, NOTHING! Just clothes. Now, what do you think of this T-shirt?”

“Whatever Mum.” Said without even looking at it.

So I do it while they are all occupied. I go through their clothes at home and make a list of what they need so I don’t double up on anything. Then I buy a few versions of the same items of clothing, especially because in winter it can be hard to get anything dry.

My boys are very similar in size so I normally colour-code their wardrobes without them knowing otherwise it can be confusing. Philip is really into inky black tones and mid indigos which are really on trend this season. Giovanni still likes to wear fun prints and I throw in a lot of grey clothing his way as well.

An angled panel tee and hi-tops for Philip. Images: supplied.

For Philip I bought him a few angled panel tees, a couple of pairs of skinny leg denim pants and a zip through jersey hoodie, which he refuses to wear because he says he is “never” cold, until he is, and then I hand it to him wordlessly with the patience only a mother could have.

I got lots of these tees for Giovanni too but he has a totally different body from Philip so skinny leg denims aren’t for him. He got the angled panel tees, lots of tracksuit pants and a zip through hoodie. For Caterina I stocked up on plain leggings which she wears as pants or under the skirts and dresses she insists on wearing in even the coldest of weather. I plan to grab some of the cute little cord pinafores I saw for girls too and some long sleeve yardage tees to go under them.

Then I got them all some hi-top canvases and I was D-O-N-E done.

Philip likes boxers, Giovanni wears briefs. Philip prefers socks he can pull right up his legs and Giovanni prefers ankle socks.

With Caterina I get to have a bit more fun. She loves all colours and the brighter and more sparkly the better. Yesterday I took her to see the movie Alice Through the Looking Glass and she wore two different coloured shoes just because! So very “Mad-Hatter-esque” of her.

"With Caterina I get to have a bit more fun." Images: supplied.

I go home, take off the tags, wash everything, fold it and put it in their wardrobes. No muss, no fuss and totally affordable.

Then I sit down with a cup of tea made in my new Kmart mug – hey, I’m human – and crack open the block of chocolate also purchased at Kmart and read the book or magazine I have just purchased, at Kmart.

Have I mentioned how much I love Kmart?

Head to Kmart to stock up on staples for boy’s winter clothes. You know that at Kmart you are going to find good quality, versatile, warm, affordable winter clothing every time.

How do you dress your kids affordably?