The Christmas gift shopping experts say no one wants to receive. We beg to differ.

No one wants to buy someone a universally unpopular present come Christmas, but apparently we’ve been doing just that.

According to Pay Pal Shopping expert Emily Curlewis, who appeared on Channel Nine’s Weekend Today Show on Saturday, candles (among a few other things) are out. Done. Don’t even bother.

A survey asking Aussies to name the gifts they don’t want to receive this Christmas showed a disturbing 35 per cent of us don’t want candles. Don’t. Want. Candles. Really.

The no-go list of gifts. (Image via Channel 9/The Today Show)

I'm sorry, what?

You mean to say people don't want a stylish addition to their home decor that also doubles as a relaxing scent? Please.

"We've been giving candles for a few years... They've had their day, it's time to get things a bit different," Curlewis said.

Many candle flames glowing in the dark, create a spiritual atmosphere

I, for one, would like to politely disagree.

Candles are amazing gifts. Not only do they look good on any coffee table or shelf, but they provide a sensual ambiance to any room.

They're the perfect staple present for giving to anyone you don't know all that well (like Julie from accounting, who you drew in the office Kris Kringle).

But at the same time, a scented candle can make for a thoughtful gift for the women in your life you do know well. Giving your bestie a candle with her favourite citrus scent because she finds vanilla "sickly sweet" proves that you are indeed a true friend.

Plus, we surely don't need to mention how handy they are in electrical black outs.

Because of this, we've rounded up the best candles to get someone this Christmas. We dare them not to be delighted when unwrapping these goodies.

Happy shopping.

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