Unsane is the haunting new horror movie that will have you questioning your sense of reality.


Check under the bed and get the popcorn ready because The Crown’s Claire Foy is about to star in a spooky new horror movie.

The movie is called Unsane and it was shot completely an on iPhone by filmmaker Steven Soderbergh, the guy who made Magic Mike and Oceans 11.

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Unsane is a psychological gaslight-y horror thriller along the lines of Shutter Island or Flightplan.

Foy plays a woman who is convinced she’s being followed by a digital stalker. When she tries to report her alleged stalker she gets admitted to a mental institution against her will and begins to lose her grip on what’s real.

It’s very gaslight-y and very topical in the current #MeToo movement – a woman has tried to report that a man is abusing her and she’s been written off as delusional.

Then she thrown into a mental institution where she has no protection from said stalker.

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As it’s shot entirely on an iPhone, Unsane’s grainy and gritty footage only adds to its general eeriness.

With its switching narratives and different perspectives, Unsane probes our perceptions of reality, our sense of safety, our survival instinct, and our naive trust in the systems that are meant to take care of us.

Unsane is out in cinemas at the end of March… we can’t bloody wait.

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