Ten once-popular baby names that millennial parents are now ditching.

There are many ways to ruin a good baby name. Maybe your cousin gets in first, or a particularly annoying new employee with the same name joins your team. It’s not the name’s fault, but it’s never going to recover and will always be associated with something or someone else.

And it’s not just happening on a small-scale. Ten once-popular names have fallen out of favour with parents because of their negative connections.

Names like Felicia, Alexa and Christian are all on the no-go list for millennial UK parents because of their modern associations, a survey by parenting site ChannelMum shows.

Ten now unpopular baby names.

Harvey – This name was booming before mid-2017, then Weinstein ruined it for all the would-be Harveys out there.

Alexa – Now that Amazon has named its personal assistant Alexa, parents are finding the name less appealing.

Christian – Thanks to 50 Shades of Grey and its religious connotations in a multicultural world, Christian is falling in popularity.

Felicia – Since 2014, Felicia has been taking a hit thanks to the meme “Bye, Felicia” and the term being used as an insult.

Katie and Cait – Kate Middleton is still a popular princess, but no one wants to be a copy-Kate.

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Scarlett –  This red hue is being passed over in favour of Violet. Well, purple is set to replace millennial pink.

Lauren – While we may only associate the name with Conrad, there are a bunch of other reality TV stars in the UK with the same name.


Stan – Stan is not falling out of favour because of the streaming service, but because of the Urban Dictionary term – a combination of a stalker and fan.

Ollie – You know that dog brand so well-made humans could eat it (and some people on YouTube do)? No one wants to name their baby after that.

Ryan – Irish budget airline Ryanair is putting plenty of parents off naming their child Ryan.

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ChannelMum baby name expert SJ Strum told The Sun a little more than half of parents would be worried if their child’s name became part of a hashtag or online trend and a quarter would even ask their child to go by their middle name.

She added 83 per cent of parents would reject a name if it reminded them of someone they didn’t like, while about 70 per cent would pass on a name that spelt out a rude word with its initials.

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