This hospital has made a banner of every 'unique baby name' and we're in awe.


If you’re struggling for baby name inspiration, this is your lucky day.

A Reddit user ‘mnpharmer’ has shared a banner containing hundreds of unique baby names curated by their local hospital.

“Toured our hospital – they’ve delivered 30,000 babies in eight years and they add every unique name to a list and reprint the banner for every 5000 babies born,” they wrote.

Posting a snippet of the expansive list, the names ranged from the not that uncommon Lena and Lisa, to the wholly unique Munyneart, Ja’Len, Kimqo and Iysam.

Toured our hospital – they’ve delivered 30k babies in 8 years and they add every unique name to a list and reprint the banner for every 5k babies born. from r/BabyBumps

Other names that caught our attention included:

  • Kierce
  • Jauslyn
  • Nyvea
  • Jercara
  • Restyn

Some parents-to-be found said they found the list helpful.

“I just want to stare at this and have it help me pick out a name,” replied one user.

“Hell at this point I want to throw a dart and call it a day. I’m never going to decide otherwise!” commented another.

Brace yourself, Reddit reveals the worst baby names they’ve ever heard and some of them are baaaad.

Video by MWN

Others joked this practice would egg other parents on to come up with even more left-of-field names… something we really don’t need.

“I would be afraid that parents are seeing it as a challenge and naming their kids dumb things,” wrote one concerned Reddit user.

“I work in medical records and we always point out the more “unique” names to each other. Some are really cute. Some…..some are just plain terrible,” another user wrote.

“Saw a child under 10 named Chaos and thought that was pretty appropriate though.”

Now we wonder how the hospital feels about putting all of this into an online Google spreadsheet?

We’d be ever so grateful.

Did you get some baby name inspiration from the list? What are some of your favourite ‘unique names’? Tell us in a comment.