'When my friend shared her unique baby name with me, I told her it was quite common.'

There’s a good reason why so many parents are beginning to keep their baby’s name to themselves until after their baby is born…

With so many people keen to put in their two cents, it can be a lot easier to just keep it to yourself to avoid the judgement.

One woman in particular was deeply offended when her friend claimed her baby’s name was far too ‘common’.

The pregnant woman’s friend has since posted to Mumsnet, asking other mothers if it was wrong to tell her friend what she really thought of her baby’s name.

“My friend is expecting her first baby later this year,” the woman wrote.

“As I’m massively interested in baby names, I asked her if she had anything in mind,” she continued.

“She said she wanted something unique and is planning on using Aurora. I said that Aurora is a gorgeous name, but has risen in popularity over the last few years and is now in the top hundred.”

The woman added that her friend got pretty annoyed by her comment, so she decided to change the subject.

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“Since then I’ve been wondering if I said the wrong thing,” the woman admitted.

“Was I unreasonable to point out how popular the name is?”

The woman’s question quickly sparked a debate on the popular parenting forum.

“Unless someone is asking for point blank honest opinions than I think it’s better if you keep your mouth zipped,” one woman commented.

“What would you achieve by telling her? It just seems a bit mean,” another wrote.

But while some believed the woman was in the wrong, many supported her decision too.

“I don’t think you were unreasonable, if it’s important to her than it’s unique then it’s worth her knowing how popular it is,” one woman said.

“You are not being unreasonable, I would have said almost exactly the same,” another commented.

“Your friend doesn’t understand what ‘unique’ means,” another woman wrote.

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