The 20 baby boy names that are becoming extinct.

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Saint, North, Apple, Blue: these are the names that define the newest generation.

The boy names that defined a much older generation are now gathering so much dust that they’re set to actually become extinct.

Yes, folks. The name, ‘Nigel’ is on the list. (Post continues after gallery.)

According to data out of the UK, some of the classic and unique baby boy names of the early 20th century are now so rare, they stand a very good chance of becoming fully extinct.

Here are 20 of the soon-to-disappear boys names.

1. Bertram

2. Cecil

3. Clarence

4. Clive

5. Cyril

6. Dean

The words, 'Baby Cyril' may never be heard ever again. Good thing? Bad thing? We're not sure...

7. Dennis

8. Derek

9. Duncan

10. Ernest

11. Gary

12. Geoffrey

13. Horace

14. Leonard

15. Malcolm

Extinct baby names in 2016. (Post continues after video)


16. Neville

17. Nigel

18. Norman

19. Roy

20. Wayne


Who else feels sad? I feel like we've lost some really important names here.

Anyway, let's be optimistic. Maybe the modern world will tired of calling their children after adjectives and inanimate objects and decide to get back to basics with classic names like 'Gary', or 'Roy'.

Hey, if midriff tops and bell-bottom jeans were able to make their way back into mainstream society, who knows what's possible?

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