The kids' winter range with super-warm shirts from $10.

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Parents quickly learn to pick their battles. Heading outdoors and your child flat-out refuses to put a jacket on but they’re wearing shoes? You can claim that as a win.

Except they’ll be shivering. Freezing even. Surely they’ll instantly turn onto a sneezing, sniffling mess – and that’s no fun for anybody.

Luckily for us, UNIQLO has an ingenious solution. Introducing the stubborn child’s cold weather friend – HEATTECH.

UNIQLO’s HEATTECH range will make you feel a whole lot better about letting your child spend time in the great outdoors during the grey months. With material that absorbs the body’s moisture and converts it into heat that’s trapped in the air pockets of the fibres, these single-layer pieces are tailor-made to kids who still want to run around outside and stay warm (with or without their jackets).

Master 3 and Miss 5 in U Neck Long Sleeve T-shirts ($9.90) and Extra Warm dark grey leggings ($19.90). Images: Supplied.

So, to break it down, the insulating HEATTECH fabric works with the body to generate heat and retain it.

You can also choose from two levels of warmth – from the original pieces that layer stylishly without bulk to the extra warm with a soft brushed lining. Every well-meaning parent, ever: Gimme now.

Ultra-fine microfibres that are 10 times finer than human hair are responsible for trapping heat and keeping warm air in. Saah clever.

And you’ll feel clever getting it on your determined child because your daily struggle to get them into a jacket they refuse to wear WILL BE OVER. They’ll be toasty regardless! Hurrah indeed.

Miss 5 in the Disney Extra Warm Crew Neck t-shirt ($29.90) , Master 3 in the Minions Extra Warm Crew Neck Tee ($29.90).

Just because the weather’s cooling off doesn’t mean we have to hibernate. This range is soft and machine-washable and layers perfectly under your child’s existing wardrobe, even if that wardrobe consists entirely of superhero costumes or party dresses. Versatile and durable, the collection includes leggings, crew necks, turtlenecks, tees with long or short sleeves and cosy accessories.

Berets, gloves with pom-poms and fleecy neck warmers can be added for extra snug days out.

We styled our pieces on Miss 5 and Master 3 with denim pinafores, overalls and cardis and these lightweight layers looked cute-as-a-button without restricting play or making their outfit too bulky to safely strap them into the pram or carseat.

Miss 5 and Master 5 have their layers covered. (Note: Overalls and shirt not from UNIQLO).

This super-material includes bio-warming, insulating, moisture-wicking, quick-drying, anti-microbial, moisturising and anti-static features. And it’s stretchy. Sooo stretchy. It’s great over little tums, chunky legs and knobbly knees, hugs the body where it should without being uncomfortably clingy.

Comfortable and cool - but not cold!

If you have one of those darlings who tugs at their winter woollies incessantly because it’s ‘itchy’, then fear not, because the HEATTECH fabric is smooth and not scratchy – at all. I’d even go as far as to say they won’t know they’re wearing it.

The colours of the HEATTECH basics co-ordinate with the clothes your kids regularly wear but there’s cheery Minions and Disney Princess tops for the children who like to express their love for their favourite movie.

HEATTECH is also great if they get a little chilly during these winter nights.

It’s a well-known parenting hack that if you give a child an item of clothing with a Minion, Rapunzel or Elsa on the front they won’t be able to get it on quick enough. A major win-win because we know these clever tees are warding off the chill too.

The length in the arms and legs of the HEATTECH items was perfect. The leggings passed the sit test by not riding up while the kids stopped and sat down at snack time and still covered little limbs while on the see-saw. No ankle freezers here, no siree!

Struggling with a jacket-refuser or not, these are clever winter must-haves that will make life easier for everybody. And that can’t be sneezed at.

View UNIQLO's HEATTECH collection for more.

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Thanks to our brand partner