Take a look at the body scrub that has a 50,000 person waiting list.

Guys, it’s official. We’ve reached peak unicorn.

First we had unicorn hair, and then we had unicorn frappes, and now we have a unicorn body scrub – which people are losing their glittery little minds over.

Frank Body, the clever people who brought you those yummy coffee and coconut body scrubs that you can’t get enough of, are just about to release a shimmer scrub. And – according to the Fashionista – it has a 50,000 person waiting list.

Yep, you read right – 50,000 people CANNOT WAIT to get their hands on a body scrub that will (temporarily) make them resemble some kind of glitter explosion/Instagram model hybrid goddess.

This is not a drill: Get my brand new Shimmer Scrub for free. Hit the link in my bio.

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Frank Body says the magic potion shimmer scrub is a three-in-one coffee scrub with added glow dust to make your skin shimmer and shine.


The team behind Frank Body have been teasing their followers about the arrival of the scrub for the past couple of weeks, and fans are now at a ‘running into Bieber at the airport’ level of excitement.

“I need this in my [sic] liiiiife! Glitter makes everything better,” one person commented.

“Just take my money already!” added another.

Frank Body has been quick to dispel any fears that the shimmer scrub could contain anything that might harm the environment, writing: “There is no glitter in my Shimmer Scrub. The ingredient that gives your skin a shimmer is Mica, the closest thing to unicorn dust.

Listen: Why are millennials being fed a diet of unicorns and sprinkles? Post continues…

“Tiny gold and silver particles hug the skin after scrubbing to transform you into a glowing goddess. This also does not harm the environment and is biodegradable. That’s just the kind of guy I am.”

So the mermaids are safe, guys.

The Shimmer Scrub drops on May 1.

Mark your diaries, people, mark your diaries.