Your childhood dreams are coming true. You can now ride a unicorn.

This invention will make you smile on so many levels.

You can now ride a unicorn to and from work, parties, heck even to your own wedding.

Korean designer Eungi Kim has designed the most wondrous attachment that gives your bicycle the silhouette of a magical steed named Horsey.

Kim originally entered the the design in the Seoul Cycle competition back in 2011. The competition was organised by Design Boom in collaboration with the Seoul Design Foundation.

She says, “I wanted to give a special look to bicycles so that people would care about cycling not only as transportation but also as a lovely pet.”

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The ‘Horsey Pack’ includes the wooden silhouette, metal parts and just a few screws. Putting it together is child’s play. The finished product should be enjoyed by all ages.

Thank you Eungi Kim. Now all we need is a leprechaun friend and we’re good to go.