This new bra is actually fitted UNDER the skin. Seriously.

So, this is a thing that is happening now…

Last week, a prominent surgeon in the UK fitted the very first ‘under-the-skin’ bra. Yeah. Under the skin. It’s pretty hard to get your head around, so maybe take a look at this picture:

If you’re brave enough.

Basically, a ‘bra’ made of silicone cups is inserted under each breast. The cups provide support by being TIED TO THE RIB CAGE.

Let’s say that again: tied to the RIB CAGE. Seriously – very fine silk straps are attached to the cups, which are then tied to the rib cage with titanium screws. So, similar to how one of those old-fashioned ‘above-the-skin’ bras work, but rather than the straps being pulled up by your shoulders, they’re pulled up by, well your bones.

The procedure had its first three trial operations last week and is now being pitched as a new alternative to breast implants.

And it does seem less invasive – since the patient is just getting a lift, rather than completely new breasts. The operation only takes 45 minutes and there is much less scarring.

But before you burn all your bras and throw yourself on the operating table, we should mention that not everyone is convinced. Some surgeons have argued that it’s way too early to know what the long-term effects of putting that much pressure on a rib cage could be.

But the doctors who developed the procedure are forging ahead regardless and are hoping it will be available to all by next year and even want to provide it for free to breast cancer patients.

So… Would you be willing to have a bra inserted under your skin?