You can now have your baby's umbilical cord turned into jewellery.

There is nothing more personal than a gift you made yourself… and this takes things to a whole new level of “personal”.

Parents are crafting jewellery and home trinkets out of dried and pickled pieces of umbilical cords. No, really.

There are several methods of preparing the cord to be usable, but most involve a form of dehydration and the addition of coloured dye.

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The pieces are considered keepsakes of childbirth — as though the child itself wasn’t a big enough take-away.

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There are even businesses encouraging new mums to allow them to dehydrate their placenta for them.

Business owners have warned mums away from DIY methods, as the commonly used oven is said to create an inferior product.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate how many women must be Googling “how do I dehydrate my placenta.”

Materials drawn from discarded cords can even be turned into edible capsules.


Let’s finish up with some pickled umbilical cords, or Umpicklicals as I like to call them.

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