Um. You can now turn you baby's umbilical cord into jewellery... and it's lovely. 

If you think the concept of jewellery made from the stump of a baby’s umbilical cord sounds gross, let’s just remember for a second that people are drying their placentas and making them into teddy bears…which will haunt your nightmares.

So, comparatively, beautiful jewellery worn lovingly by a mother sounds a lot less…terrifying.

The umbilical cord is deemed a sacred part of the mother-baby bond, because it literally is the lifeline which nourishes a baby whilst it’s in its mother’s womb. The cutting of the cord post-birth is considered a sacred process in many cultures, which is why it makes sense that many parents choose to honour it in a lovely piece of jewellery.

Ruth Avra, a jewellery designer in Florida, told The New York Post that she was inspired to make umbilical stump pieces in 2012, after she had her son, and her best friend also had a baby.

“I put both stumps next to each other on the table. Lightning bolts struck and I had a plan,” Avra said.

Avra incorporated the stumps in necklaces, and knew the pieces were so special that other mothers would want to do the same, too. (If they weren’t already too busy with turning their placenta into teddy bears.)

Avra’s bespoke pieces cost approximately $200, and can be ordered online. She makes it clear that because each piece is personal, it’s also unique, and she will work with the customer on their desired design – although she notes that can be somewhat limited by the shape of the cord stump.

But if you weren’t able to save the cord stump…

…just know that you have options. Different companies, such as Speckled Milk, offer various pieces that can be made using breast milk and hair.

And pet and human ashes.


You’re welcome.