Uma Thurman defends her face.

Why did she look so different?

When Uma Thurman stepped out at The Snap premier this week, she caused a lot of discussion about her face – and not so much about the miniseries.

There was no denying that the 44-year-old actress looked different, and slightly altered in some way, but no one could figure out exactly what had changed.

There was a lot of speculation that Uma had gone under the knife, and now the actress has hit back at her critics. She spoke to the US Today show this morning and said the speculation about her having cosmetic surgery was wrong, and just plain nasty.

Uma Thurman spoke to the Today show.

"I guess nobody liked my make-up," she told the television host.

The Kill Bill star's make-up artist, Troy Surratt has also come to her defence claiming responsibility for her new look on the red carpet. He told that he and Uma decided to go for a new look for the premier that was, "more editorial than it was celebrity."

It seems contouring had a lot to do with Uma's fresh-faced glow too.

"I contoured the hairline and her cheekbones, adding warmth. I applied the lip...and then just kept the eyes really, really light," Troy told Refinery.

The photo that started the discussion. Image via Getty.

It was the eyes that seemed to be at the centre of discussion among social media and critics, but Troy has a simple explanation for it.

"The way I shaded her eyebrows with the pencil, I created an uplifting effect," he told the publication. "Then I finished with a shimmering, silky-beige shadow on her lips and went with no mascara at all...sort of a recreation against the fake lashes we've been seeing on the red carpet."


Uma - mother of three - told the Today show that she understood what had sparked the claims but she wouldn't let them get to her. She explained that she'd been doing the gig for years and so she's used to people saying all sorts of thiings - some good and some bad.

"It's like whatever!" she told the host.

We're just impressed with what a bit of make-up magic can do.

What do you think of the new make-up look?

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