Uma Thurman doesn't look like Uma Thurman any more.

She doesn’t look like this…

It’s happened again. A celebrity has walked out in to the spotlight with a different look to her face, and people are speculating about the change but can’t quite figure out what’s new.

Uma Thurman has caused quite a discussion about what her face looked like at the premier for her new mini-series The Slap.

On Monday, the 44-year-old stepped out in New York to the paparazzi’s flashing lights and instantly had people talking.

It was almost deja vu from what happened to Renee Zellweger who sparked a lot of debate over her drastically different look last year – no one denied she looked different but no one knew what had changed exactly.

And it’s happening again.

Take a look for yourself. This was Uma Thurman in 2012.

Uma Thurman in 2012.

And here is Uma Thurman now.

On the red carpet for The Slap premier. Image via Getty.

We're slightly confused too. Sure she looks different but - how?

If you need to see her again...

The DailyMail says, "Experts agreed that Uma was looking dramatically different, especially around her eyes and speculated that any work Uma has had done was quite recent."

An expert from the Glasshouse Clinic, Alison Telfer spoke to the Mailonline and said that, "It looks like she's had dermal fillers around the jawline with the aim of making her appear more youthful and fuller faced...She also looks like she's had dermal fillers in her tear trough area (which is just under the eyes). I'd predict that this has been done fairly recently and will probably settle soon."


People speculated over Renee last year and now the public are speculating over Uma.

What do you think? Does she look different and if so how?

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