Ugly shoes.

Sometimes it seems like footwear designers are playing a giant trick on us, seeing if there is a point at which we will say “Are you on crack?” and refuse to buy them. We don’t appear to have reached that point yet.

These are some of the comfortable shoes Alexander McQueen sent down his runway this season and the best part is that they probably cost about $8K a pair. Who needs to drive a car when you can buy a bedazzler and WEAR YOUR CAR ON YOUR FOOT?

And here is Lady Gaga at the Grammys today, wearing some sculptural creation that would really work well for me when I’m tired of wearing thongs. Because, you know, I like to suffer for my footwear. Oh wait, I don’t.

Most men aren’t that into shoes. They don’t notice them. They certainly don’t see the point in wearing uncomfortable and expensive ones. I’ve always been more of a shoe person than a bag person but lately I haven’t found much to inspire me. I have loads of sparkly, impractical shoes I never wear, all stored away in plastic boxes and shoved in the back of a cupboard. I don’t miss them.

I recently bought these shoes from Seed – which I thought was just a kids’ clothes shop until I ventured down the back of one and found grown up clothes. I decided these were exactly what I needed in my wardrobe. The missing link to pull everything together.

I do wear them rather a lot when I have to do worky things (on regular days in Summer I am strictly Havainas) and they get rave reviews from women but I can’t work out whether they are in fact extremely ugly. Because most shoes this season are. Designers seem to be chanelling some kind of chunky orthopedic remedial devices. All the shoes seem to be silly sky-scrapers or hooker shoes.

Are you a shoe person? Have you bought any new ones lately? And why do you think women are so fond of shoes?


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