The cringe-worthy confessions from parents of "ugly" kids.

A Reddit user has asked parents of “ugly kids” to confess all. And let’s just say, they didn’t hold back…

Redditor taegasaurus posed the question, “Parents of ugly children, when did you first realise/concede that your kid is ugly? Do you ever feel guilty?” before inviting people to respond.

ugly kids
Parents of "ugly kids" have confessed EVERYTHING. Image via iStock.

The answers range from the funny "A lot of babies look like aliens or squished tomatoes or Shar Pei puppies" to the downright cringe-worthy "My dad ran crying out of the delivery room, my head had been squeezed a bit so it was slightly cone shaped, he thought it would be permanent."

But while there was a lot of humour in the thread, there were also some sad stories.

One user wrote:

I had a daughter. And sadly for her, she had my nose. And my skin. And my hair. And even more unfortunately, she has her father's big ears and even more crooked teeth.

When I look at her in a certain way, I honestly think she's beautiful. Because unlike me, no one had ever told her she's ugly. No one ever made her feel badly about herself. Confidence isn't something she had to learn, it seems to be innate for her. She's lucky for that.

But when I see her next to her pretty friends, I know she isn't on their level. She will never be the pretty friend.

Look, we're sure all the parents in the thread love their kids regardless of their appearance.

But let's hope that none of the kids in question visit Reddit any time soon...

Do you have any similar stories to share?

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