These are genuinely the strangest, most borderline-offensive pair of jeans that have ever existed.

We thought we’d seen it all when it came to wacky jeans this year. There were detachable-legged jeans. Jeans with plastic windows for your knees. Jeans that were purely clear plastic.

Then this pair came to our attention.

Image: Shopbop

Called the "high waist double jean", the designer denim is by Natasha Zinko.

Yes, that really is a high AND low waisted top, but the strange-ness doesn't end there.

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There's also the baggy bum and the contrasting light denim stripe down the side.

They cost $875.49 and the worst part? THEY'RE SOLD OUT. Yes, so many people have bought them there is no stock left.

Let's take a closer look. Image: Shopbop

On the bright side, at least we won't be seeing any builder's bums with this low rise version.

It seems we're not the only ones bemused by the design from the Central Saint Martin's graduate.


"I love to wear two pairs of jeans but it can get heavy and uncomfortable! Sometimes the pair on top will fall off (SOOO embarrassing). This pair tricks everyone," reads one spoof (we hope) review.

"They think I'm wearing two pairs of jeans but really its just one!! Love these pants."

But as is the case with much fashun, these jeans appear to look very different on and off the rack.

Here's the designer herself wearing a similar pair.

Dear Helen @hdavidlondon HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ????????????Love you❤️ All the best????????

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Natasha Zinko Prefall 17 Look 16 is available in stores now #natashazinko #prefall2017 #availableinstoresnow #46maddox

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Dare we say they actually look alright? Cool, even?

Oh, fashion.

What do you think of the jeans?

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