Finally, we meet the Uber driver who accidentally picked up a sex worker.

Last Thursday night was a regular night at work for Uber driver Daniel Moore. He was picking up his next fare, Chelsea, who was travelling to Vaucluse in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

Except the woman wasn’t Chelsea was all. She was a sex worker, who was under the impression Moore had picked her up for a job.

A camera on Moore’s dashboard recorded the conversation between himself and his unexpected client. He posted it to YouTube and the exchange, of course, went viral.

Now, Moore has told Channel 10’s The Project he was looking for an exit strategy as soon as the woman he thought was Chelsea started asking if he wanted to pay for sex.


“I was looking at the map thinking, ‘Okay we’re only going to Vaucluse, that’s only 12 minutes, excellent’,” Moore told the show’s hosts.

After a time, the woman became fed up with this strange client who kept talking about his girlfriend and quashing her advances for sex.

She got out of the car and, with comic timing, Moore’s phone rang. It was the real Chelsea.

“I did end up picking up Chelsea. On the phone she sounded a bit short [because I was late picking her up] but when I got there and explained the situation she couldn’t stop laughing,” Moore said.

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“I had already started her trip, so I ended her fare five minutes before dropping her off.”

Moore said he doesn’t know if the real Chelsea gave his services a five-star rating. But he said the whole scenario felt like something out of a movie.

“It’s sort of like the scene in Deuce Bigalow where they’re arguing about who’s charging who,” Moore said.