When Hannah Warman fell asleep in an Uber, the driver took her on a 56km detour.

Picture this: it’s 4.30am, you’ve left the party, and the walk home looms ahead.

Sure, it’s only 10 minutes up the road, but it’s late. You’ve had one too many glasses of fizz. And you’re sleepy.

So what do you do? Call an Uber, of course.

UK comedienne Hannah Warman got the shock of her life when she woke up after a large night out to a staggering £85 Uber fare (around $146 AUD) after she nodded off in the back of the rideshare car.

Instead of what should have been a five minute trip home, a sleeping Warman was taken on a one hour, 30 minute scenic route around London. (Shame she wasn’t awake to see it.)

In a tweet the next day, Warman couldn’t help but marvel at the extraordinary lengths her driver went to in order to snag some extra bucks out of her snooze.

Check it out:

“I had been at a friend’s party. She only lives a five-10 minute walk from my home, but I had had bit too much to drink and called an Uber,” she explained in an interview with

“Then, I must’ve fallen asleep in the car. I woke up a couple of times and said, ‘Why is this taking so long?’ and I think I assumed he’d got a bit lost or something but I had no idea it’d been an hour and a half.”

Still not noticing anything was awry (damn, Warman – you must have had quite a few glasses) she nodded back off to sleep.

“I fell back asleep. I went straight to bed once I’d got home and I only realised what had happened the next day when I got an email receipt for my £85 Uber journey,” she said.

Comedienne Hannah Warman was taken on the ride of her life.

Hannah got in touch with Uber immediately and explained the situation. Thankfully, they were able to note the pick up and drop off locations - thank you, technology! - and refunded her most of the trip. Still, as Hannah says, it still feels like a massive betrayal of the trust we place in the Uber system.

"After a lot of emails, Uber have refunded most of the fee (£71 was refunded) but I feel like I don’t trust them any more. I feel like they should reassure me that the driver was penalised or dismissed and explain how this could’ve happened."

Uber issued the below statement on the incident:

"We are speaking to the licensed driver and the rider to establish exactly what happened and have given the rider a full refund. Unlike other transport options Uber’s technology records every trip and sends riders a receipt with a map of the route taken. This transparency and accountability means if there is an issue it can be quickly resolved."