“Everyone is terrified of him." Tziporah Malkah spills on her split with James Packer.

Former model Tziporah Malkah has said she’s no longer sad about her split from Australian businessman James Packer, nearly 20 years on, and that the couple separated for a “mixed bag” of reasons.

Malkah, 43, – formerly known as Kate Fischer – opened up about the relationship to fellow contestants on Channel 10’s reality TV show I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! 

Her and Packer, now 49, were together for five years before they split in 1998.

“He wanted to get serious with me, this was when we had just been dating, and I said ‘no way, I don’t want to get serious with you’,” Malkah said. “There is no point me getting serious with someone that I’m not going to think about getting married to.”

Kate Fischer - now known as Tziporah Malkah - with James Packer. Image via Facebook.

She was uncertain about marrying Packer because she didn't "want a marriage like his parents", however she said Packer didn't want that type of relationship either.

Packer's parents - media mogul Kerry Packer and his wife Roslyn Packer - were married for 42 years until Kerry's death in 2005. Kerry was a known womaniser, had a severe gambling problem and a temper that was "legendary".

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“[James Packer ] was very romantic. He wooed me and actually wanted to have a real partnership with me then," Malkah told her fellow jungle-dwellers.


"But then that's wishful thinking -you’ve got to actually put some action into it," she continued. "If you’ve grown up with one thing but you want to do something completely different, things have to change and you have to change from within. He didn’t change from within, really.”

tziporah malkah james packer
Kate Fischer - now known as Tziporah Malkah - with James Packer. Image via Instagram.

Malkah might no longer feel sadness from the split, but she continues to feel the repercussions of that relationship.

She told the show's contestants that love interests have often been intimidated by her history with the media moguls's son.

“Everyone is terrified of him and everyone compares themselves to him and a lot of men think that is what I want, money,” she said.

“They don’t realise that I was in love with him and we actually had a real relationship. It is like, actually I have dated men that I’ve supported because they were so broke."

"If I love someone, I love someone.”

It's unclear if Malkah is currently dating anyone. She reportedly hinted at a new man in an interview with TV Week. However, last week, she told contestants in the jungle she hadn't had sex in six years.

Packer has recently broken off his engagement with US singer Mariah Carey. The pair split in October last year.