"I’m just not coping": Tziporah Malkah's emotional admission about PTSD.

Former model Tziporah Malkah has spoken about her struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

In conversation with Australian Idol winner Casey Donovan, Malkah revealed her daily confrontations and arguments with other camp mates are a result of her vulnerability through her struggle with PTSD.

“I’ve got a lot of defence mechanisms just because I have very complex PTSD issues,” Tziporah told Donovan, not elaborating on the cause of her battle or how long she has struggled for.

“So I often come across as aggressive, when really I’m just being defensive. Everyone sees me as this very confident person, when I’m actually incredibly vulnerable.”

Malkah has had multiple outbursts and arguments with other camp mates since her time on the show, namely with former Olympian Lisa Curry and TV host Natalie Bassingthwaighte.

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“I’m just not coping, I’m just not handling it. I’m arguing with people and that looks so … I don’t want to look like this bizarre ‘skitzo’. I’ve got to sort that out. It’s a pattern and it’s happened since childhood, and I have to figure out how to stop it,” she added.

Malkah did not explain what exactly brought on her PTSD.

Her admission comes just weeks after she revealed her battle with an eating disorder.

“I’ve had a very, very strange life with lots of ups and downs. I know everyone has had their little ups and downs but my life has been like that,’ she said, swinging her hand up and down,” she said.

“I don’t have a healthy relationship with food. Since I was eight, and I am 43. I have never eaten healthy within the 35 years. It has been a lifelong condition.

“By the time I started modelling at 13 I had already had a chronic eating disorder for five years.”