Tziporah Malkah not wearing a bra on I'm A Celebrity is our boob-spiration.

The Earth is round, water is good for you, time is a flat circle, kale is a fad and women don’t always love wearing bras.

The five, indisputable and universally held ideas about the world. Or, you know, so you’d think.

But then, of course, vaccination skeptics decide to rear their heads full of irresponsible ideas, a movement called Flat Earthers is born and people are genuinely surprised by the fact Tziporah Malkah isn’t wearing a bra every second of her time on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here.

Why Tziphorah is our fave celeb on I’m A celebrity…Post continues after audio.

Mail Online naturally saw this as part and parcel of the public interest, on Wednesday writing, “Do bras not exist in the jungle?’: I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! fans urge Kate Fischer to put on underwear as former model spills out of her top.”

Forgive me if my eyes are mistaken, my understanding of the definition of”spills” warped and am being a little bit too picky, but does “spill” not imply that her boob, well, flopped out? Does it not  invite images of Janet Jackson-esque nip slips and more strict classification warning?

I would say yes. But of course I could be blind, picky and overall a bit silly.

But her boobs look very much inside her top from where I’m sitting.

And even if I’m wrong, and Malkah was really “spilling” out, there’s also another argument to be had that bras are really, just the WORST.

I would love to close my eyes, pick up the nearest pen and take a wild stab in the dark that anyone who was complaining about Malkah not wearing a bra hasn’t ever worn one themselves.

But if they have, if they've truly worn a bra every day since they were about 11, they would more than understand the 10-hour rule. That unofficial but widely held belief that wearing a bra for more than ten hours is enough to break your spirit and your boobs in one giant underwired-cup-covering-evil.


Facebook seems to agree with me too, with the comments section flooded with bra-wearers throwing their support behind Malkah and her wiiiiiilllld decision to go on and "spill" right out.

"If it's hot and she's more comfortable without a bra on then leave her be. I bet men have walked around shirtless at some point and no one kicks up a stink," one wrote. Good argument, two points for you.

"I say set those puppy's [sic] free I mean as soon as I'm home mine's off. She's on a show is she supposed to wear it all day and all night long?" another pointed out. Very good argument, three points for you.

"Why should she wear a bra? You didn't care when she was thin in a hot dress......." Boom. Speaks for itself. We have no problem with our Vogue cover models when they do it. Except wait! She was one! Four times! Irony.


And then, of course, there's the most simple point of all: "If she doesn't want to wear a bra then she doesn't have to wear one."

Hell, if the chick wants to throw her top off and swing it around over her head, she should be able to do that too. Naturally, it would probably mean the show's kid-friendly timeslot needed to change, but personal choice and autonomy and all the rest.

Alas, keep spillin' Malkah. Keep freaking out those non-bra wearers and it we will all be one step closer to outlawing the bra all together.

T'is is a public service.