Tziporah Malkah isn't too happy about her interview with A Current Affair.

Tziporah Malkah‘s interview with A Current Affair did not go well.

The 44-year-old former model and reality star – formerly known as Kate Fischer – slammed the program on Instagram after they ran a segment with her on Tuesday night.

After pleading guilty to domestic violence charges earlier this month, Tziporah gave a revealing interview on A Current Affair, where she spoke about attacking her ex-boyfriend, Guy Vasey, after hitting “rock bottom”.

But Tziporah wasn’t too happy with the way the program portrayed her, and she went on Instagram to let them have it.

“The interview that aired last night was supposed to be a powerful message to victims of DV [domestic violence],” she wrote alongside a photo of the show’s host, Tracy Grimshaw, standing in front of the A Current Affair logo.

“Instead it was edited to make me the sole perpetrator of what happened vis a vis my arrest. To say that I’m disappointed is a very slight way to say how I’m feeling about the segment.”

She appears to have edited her earlier comments, where she told the program to “shove any Logies they get up their *sses”.

“The REAL story could have helped many ppl suffering from DV,” she wrote in a since-deleted caption.

“Instead they were cheap & went for the ‘Tziporah is cray cray’ angle.”


But the show has denied any wrongdoing in how their angled their interview with her.

“We absolutely reject the assertion that we manipulated the interview to make Tziporah look ‘cray cray’,” a spokesperson for Channel Nine told News.com.au.

“The fact of the matter is Tziporah just pleaded guilty to charges of domestic violence, for her to then wish to make a pitch for victims of domestic violence to come forward would have seemed disingenuous and hollow.

“We believe the interview was fair and balanced and provided Tziporah the opportunity to discuss the circumstances around her recent court appearance in Adelaide.”

Tziporah Malkah
Tziporah claims A Current Affair made her look "cray cray". Image: Channel 9

Tziporah fronted an Adelaide court on May 8, where she was fined $1200 after attacking her ex and the police who were subsequently called to the scene.

She pleaded guilty to four counts of assault, one count of resisting police and one count of disorderly behaviour.

According to The Advertiser, her lawyer Michael Kuzilny told the court the couple's relationship had been "a volatile situation".

Police prosecutor Wayne Davison said Vasey had called the police after a "heavily intoxicated" Tziporah began attacking him after he returned home from the supermarket.

"She began to throw groceries at him and poured milk on top of his head," said Davison.

"She raised both hands and struck him to the sides of his face four or five times, and in a cat-scratching motion."