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1. Four-year-old “punched in stomach” before he vomited green slime and died.

A four-year-old boy told of how he had been punched in the stomach by his step-dad as he vomited “green slime” and then, tragically died.

He was found unconscious at his home in Biggera Waters in May 2009 and died later in hospital.

Tyrell Cobb’s uncle Danial Allan was giving evidence in a committal hearing in the Brisbane Magistrates Court that will determine whether Tyrell’s mother Heidi Strbak, 33, and her ex-partner Matthew Scown, 33, should stand trial for murder his death.

Mr Allan told the hearing he visited Tyrell one day before his death and his step-sister told him her son had been injured at school.

“He wasn’t well — again,” Mr Allan said. “He was throwing up, green sort of slimy stuff into a bucket.”

“We watched a movie and then he wanted to go to bed.”

Forensic pathologist, Professor Beng Beng Ong testified that he believed the little boy had died as a result of extensive internal bleeding, peritonitis and shock caused by a blunt-force trauma injury to the abdomen.

The Courier Mail reports that another witness, Mr Allan’s former partner Nicole Brown said that Mr Allan had told her his sister’s partner had murdered the boy.

Ms Brown said in a statement: “Danny said he (Tyrell) was on the floor with green stuff coming out everywhere.”

A neighbour, Rachel Frear, said she used to hear a woman “screaming ‘shut up’ or ‘be quiet’”. Her husband Peter Frear told the hearing a “druggie-looking” blonde-haired woman used to scream or yell the name Ty and “bad swear words”.

2. First Dreamworld victim’s funeral to be held today.

The funeral of Sydney mother-of-two Cindy Low, 42, who died last week at Dreamworld will be held today.

Ms Low, originally from New Zealand, was on holidays on the Gold Coast with husband Matthew and children Kieran, 10, and Isla, 6, when they went to Dreamworld for a fun family day out.

Kieran was on the raft with his mother when the horrific accident occurred and was flung to safety.

Ms Low’s family yesterday released a statement ahead of the funeral at Palmdale Hillside Chapel on the Central Coast of NSW today.

“We have spent every day trying to put one foot in front of the other, and it is extremely hard,” the family said.

“It is impossible to imagine a world without Cindy … it is going to take us a long time to find our way.”


The theme park yesterday imposed a media blackout “out of respect for the families”.

Dreamworld chief executive Craig Davidson said the thousands of bunches of flowers laid at the theme park gates would be turned into a “permanent living memorial”.

He said he would not be speaking to the media again until after the funerals.

3. Vincent Stanford plans to appeal.

Stephanie Scott’s killer will appeal against his life sentence without parole.

Fairfax Media reports that Stanford’s legal aid lawyers submitted a notice of intention to appeal in the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal last week.

Ms Scott was killed at Leeton High School on Easter Sunday last year, days before she was due to marry her boyfriend Aaron Leeson-Woolley.

Stanford pleaded guilty to the rape and murder of Ms Scott last month and was sentenced to a life behind bars.

Tragically her father, Robert, was killed by a falling tree on Tuesday.

4. Mum who lost two daughters to pool drowning speaks out.

The mother-of-five who dived into her pool in her Logan home to try and save her two daughters has spoken about her loss.

Renise Young’s daughters Patricia, 3 and Taya, 4, drowned on Tuesday after wandering into the pool area.

“They were helpless, it was devastating. No mother should go through this,” Mrs Young told Seven News. “They were my princesses.”

“They were always coming up to Mummy and Daddy and were giving us flowers telling us they loved us every day. I miss them so much, I miss them running around.”

“They’ve gotten up on the chair and opened (the gate) and slipped and fell in.”

Police are investigating the tragic accident, with a report to be prepared for the coroner.

5. Meningococcal B vaccine Bexsero in short supply.

Australian parents wanting to vaccinate their kids against meningococcal B will have to wait until next year after the company announced stock of the vaccine was at a low.

Pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline said increasing global demand had constrained supply of the vaccine, known as Bexsero.

The ABC reports the shortage does not affect the vaccine for meningococcal C, which is available for free in the National Immunisation Program.

“For people who started an immunisation program for their child, it’s concerning,” Australian Medical Association South Australia president Doctor Janice Fletcher said.


“For those considering a vaccination, I’m afraid they’ll have to go on a wait list until the vaccine is available.”

6. Cory Bernardi backs Donald Trump.

Liberal Cory Bernardi, who is against abortion and in the past has linked homosexuality to bestiality and polygamy has revealed he is hoping Donald Trump is victorious next week.

Senator Bernardi, in New York for three months, wrote in his blog that he supported Donald Trump.

“Next Tuesday, unlike most of my colleagues Down Under, I’ll be cheering on a Trump victory. I hope there’ll be something to celebrate,’’ he wrote.

“I disagree with a number of his policy positions but there’s a lot of what he is saying that I do agree with.

“The hostility with which he has been treated by sections of the media, some political insiders and the militant Left only reinforces the need for change.

“There is a very real sense the political game over here has been rigged against the people for a long time. The voters put the politicians first and they in turn put the voters last. Trump’s rhetoric seeks to change that.

“Whether he wins or not next Tuesday, I suspect the impact he has made on the political system here will be felt for a long time to come.”

7. Father convicted of vigorously shaking the life out of his thirteen-day-old son.

A father has been convicted of murdering his 13-day-old baby in the UK last October, The Express and Star reports.

Daniel Sanzone, 23, shook his son Joshua Millinson while left alone with him at home, causing “catastrophic” injuries to his brain and spine.

The court heard that Dr Daniel Duplessis, who examined Joshua’s brain and spinal cord, said damage to it was “at the most extreme end of the spectrum”.

While Opthalmic pathologist, Dr Richard Bonshek, who examined Joshua’s eyes and found both retinas were detached, he said the bleeding to them was “within the more severe range of his post-mortem experience”.

The 13-day-old had six rib fractures caused by a “squeezing action”, and six leg fractures the result of “forcible twisting” the court heard.

Daniel Sanzone faces a life sentence.

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