Typo is selling stationery that has parents so furious they're threatening to boycott the store.

Parents busy finishing (or starting) their Christmas shopping are crossing Australian stationery store Typo off their list of go-to stores after spotting products laden with curse words stocked on their shelves.

Many parents have expressed their outrage on the store’s official Facebook page after spying notebooks, candles, signs and pencil cases that featured profanities in plain view of children.

The products can be found online and in store. Image via Typo/Facebook.

The products - which can be found on the company's website - include a pencil case emblazoned with the phrase 'Shut The F--- Up About Your Stupid Diet' and a notebook which says, 'F--- It, Let's Disco'.

"As a loyal customer of your brand I was disgusted to find some of your current products (aimed at children) to contain such inappropriate language," wrote one shopper on Facebook.

"By no means a prude, I am deeply offended that you would use this kind of language on your products. Seriously considering deleting your brand from my children's Christmas gift list!"

Image via Facebook.

Others wrote that they were "disgusted" that the words were displayed "on multiple items in full view of children", urging the store to "show some class".

"Surely, with all the merchandise available to stock your stores there are better choices available?" asked another concerned customer.

In response to the complaints, the store advised that products should have been censored with stickers prior to being displayed in-store.

"We are taking steps to ensure this takes place immediately," the store wrote.

Image via Facebook.

"The range is currently being removed from our site and shop floors until it can be correctly censor stickered. It is never our intention to upset our customers and we’re sorry if the products in question may have caused any offence."

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