'There are 3 types of people on planes. If you’re number two, we need to talk…'

Quick! You have to take a flight. Which seat are you choosing — window, aisle or middle? 

Well, well, well. What do we have here? Thank you for falling into my trap. 

According to TikToker Gabi (@umgabi), there are only three types of people that exist, and your plane seat of choice says everything there is to know about your personality. So, let's get started! 

Allow me to introduce you to yourself...

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Video via Mamamia. 

If you choose the window seat.

Image source: Tiktok/umgabi


Gabi says that window seaters are introverts or people who value recharging their social battery. They're most likely to wear comfy clothes and shoes to the airport. They feel most comfortable in small groups and need to have their emotional support item with them, whether it's a water bottle or a blanket. 

She also says that this person probably has an anxious attachment style and has a long text typed out in their notes app ready to send to their situationship

Practically speaking, Gabi says that this person might also just be a sleepy person who wants to lean against the window. 

If you chose the... middle seat.

If you choose the middle seat, Gabi simply just pointed to a photo of fictional serial killer and all-round monster Hannibal Lecter.

 That's it. 

And you know what? I completely agree — no notes.

If you choose the aisle seat.

Image source: TikTok/umgabi


According to Gabi, the aisle seat person is likely to be working on the plane because they value efficiency and productivity. 

They're in a comfy outfit but it's not their cosiest like the window seater. They're more prepared to take on the day. 

Their seat position also means that they're more comfortable being social on the plane by talking to the flight attendants and trying to become their favourite (but don't we all do that?). 

They're also likely to be people pleasers if the reason why they chose the aisle seat is due to them not wanting to ask people to move when they have to use the bathroom. She says that aisle seaters may have a dismissive avoidance style.

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If you 'rawdog' flights.

I'm sorry for not forewarning you that the word "rawdog" would appear in the article (and now twice). 

But there is one more type of person on planes that Gabi didn't mention and I need to talk about them because... it's me. 

There have been videos on TikTok of (mostly) men who don't do anything on planes except maybe watch the real-time flight path.


There’s levels to this 🛬🧠

♬ original sound - torrenfoot

I am ashamed to admit that there have been long-haul flights where I have also done this. Until now, I didn't realise how weird of a thing it was. I absolutely hate flying. I am constantly counting down the minutes. If I'm watching a movie or waking up from a nap, I look at my watch and see that... yep... we still have 15 hours more to go. 

Doing absolutely nothing besides watching your little plane move slowly across the world is the only thing that makes the flight feel like it's going quicker. I don't know how or why, but it does. 

If you rawdog (sorry) flights like myself (and apparently all the men) then... we probably need therapy. I will say, however, don't knock it till you try it... even though I know you're not going to try it.

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Which seat of the plan do you prefer? Tell us in the comments below. 

Feature image: TikTok/umgabi/torrenfoot

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