Hot Potato! Two of your favourite Wiggles have been secretly dating.

This love is hotter than a hot potato.

They’ve been dating for two years now, keeping their love well away from prying eyes, but now the purple and yellow Wiggles — Lachlan “Lachy” Gillespie and Emma Watkins – are telling all.

“It was obvious for both of us that we had a lot of feelings for each other so it happened naturally that we started spending more time together on top of already spending every day working and preforming together,” Lachlan said.

Look who it is!

Turns out they met on tour five years ago with Dorothy the Dinosaur (an obvious Cupid – all those flowers…), but it took another three years for the couple to get together.

Lachlan, 29, said: “I asked Emma on some dinner dates in March, 2013 and we really started enjoying the little bits of time off we had together.

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“We’ve both always been very conscious of putting our work first though. Nothing was more important to Emma and I than being in the new line-up of The Wiggles, focusing on the music and entertaining the children, so our relationship developed very slowly.”

Emma agrees, “These last two and a half years of being an actual Wiggle have been so busy, and the elation of being Wiggles, and touring and filming, well we really bonded over the experiences. We have now been together almost 360 days of every year for the last two and a half years and I have had such a beautiful time sharing it with Lachy.”

Well, it DID take two years for them to come clean.

Watch them boogey-on down in this clip (post continues below).

So what’s Emma’s favourite part about her purple Wiggle? You know, besides the fact he’s probably really good at the coloured washing.

“I was attracted straight away to Lachy’s musicality. I’ve never had much singing training as dancing has always been my thing but as soon as I heard Lachy sing I was blown away. This became particularly apparent when I needed some guidance for the singing for The Wiggles albums and Lachy has helped me throughout all the recording processes and harmonies. He also plays the piano incredibly well and I just remember loving listening to him play backstage. Lachy is also a gentleman. He always is conscientious of other people and I have always loved his kind, gentle nature.  Being able to experience, together, this amazing time of becoming Wiggles has been the best thing to happen to me, ” she said.

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And it seems a Wiggly wedding might be on the cards!

“Definitely down the track,” says Lachlan.

Dorothy to do the floral arrangements.