Breaking Badelaide: Men caught digging up $7 million worth of drugs in Adelaide Hills.

Looks like Walt and Jesse might have some competition.

Unlike TV’s favourite drug dealers, two men caught digging up $7 million worth of amphetamines in the Adelaide Hills haven’t managed to escape jail time.

Bradley Grant Sanderson, 23, and Steven Joseph Jacques, 29, were arrested in March 2013 after police spotted them behaving strangely on the side of Mt Gawler Road, ABC news reports.

Somehow we don’t think “Breaking Badelaide” is going to take off.

Before being apprehended by the police, the men tried to hide in nearby bushes. Unsurprisingly, the pair failed to hide the 6.85 kilograms of drugs they’d been digging up.

This is the TV show that should be screened in every school in Australia.

A court has heard the pair wanted to make some “easy money” and had been offered $1000 to deliver the drugs to a house.

They have now pleaded guilty to trafficking in a large commercial quantity of a controlled drug in the District Court in Adelaide.

Not-so-easy money, apparently.

Judge David Lovell said while the men’s involvement with the drugs may have been “low level”, the offence itself was “very serious”.

Bradley Grant Sanderson and Steven Joseph Jacques. Pictures via Facebook.

And we certainly won’t be seeing these two on TV screens any time soon.

Jacques has been jailed for three years and one month with a 14-month non-parole period, while his partner in crime was given a two-year and five month sentence, but may be released on parole after six months due to time served.

Something tell us “Breaking Badelaide” probably wasn’t going to take off anyway.