Two baby pandas versus a cleaning lady.

Day to day we all face problems in the workplace.

Tight deadlines. Bad internet connection. Someone stealing your lunch.

But this woman, who works as a keeper at a breeding sanctuary in Sichuan, China, faces an obstacle that we really, really wish was part of our job description.

As the keeper attempts to clean up the panda sanctuary, two baby pandas insist on making her job as difficult as possible.

They jump in the basket she is using to gather all the excess leaves. They then get stuck head first. They THEN proceed to roll around in the basket, undoubtedly having the best time of their whole damn lives.

We wish we loved anything as much as those pandas love those baskets.

The keeper literally has to pick up the pandas to keep them from ruining all her hard work, but the moment she does, the remaining panda subs in.

But Mrs. Panda Keeper, no one…and I mean no one…feels sorry for you.

By the looks of things you have the best job in the whole entire world.