The race is on to find 'Graham' before he weds his cheating fiancée.

Public Service Announcement: If your name is Graham and you’re set to tie the knot with a Samantha, Twitter’s got some not amazing news for you.

You see Graham, in what might be the most epic display of social media heroism ever, The People of Twitter are trying to save you from marrying your unfaithful partner. THEY’RE TRYING TO SAVE YOU FROM YOURSELF, GRAHAM!

This all began when do-gooder Owen Restall of Newcastle posted the following tweet:

Wow, right? I mean, ‘the love of your life is shagging my mate in a Travelodge on her hens night’ isn’t exaaaactly what you want to hear about the woman you’re committing the remainder of your life to, now is it? Nope. Not even a lil’ bit.


While the original tweet was deleted, a screengrab was quickly picked up by one of the Geordie Shore “stars”. (Geordie Shore is that show where young, attractive people get paid to party and bonk each other… so can you call them stars? I’m not so sure.)

ANYWAY, ‘Scotty T’ picked up the tweet and ran with it, notifying his 1.5 million followers that he’d like to know “what room Samantha is in”. Charming, Scotty T. Positively freakin’ charming.

Then, amidst the hoopla, @GrahamCummings7 and @DougJ7777 emerged.


Sadly, neither of these Grahams were able to prove they are THE Graham, they’re just run-of-the-mill Grahams (boring). So, look, the tireless search for the groom is yet to be successful. For now, we believe The Graham is blissfully unaware of his future wife’s ways, and is currently somewhere in the UK.


Graham, buddy, we hope the news reaches you soon. I truly believe it will.

Have you ever found out about a cheating partner on social media?

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