So, should we dress twins the same?

It’s a question that never fails to get the debate going – is it okay to dress twins alike?

One Aussie celeb is about to deal with this dilemma first-hand.

Yesterday David Campbell announced that he and wife Lisa are having twins, in possibly the cutest way imaginable.

But now they will face the big question – double dressing. Do you do it?

I recall when my twin cousins were born; one beautiful boy and one gorgeous girl.

Despite being fraternal, rather than identical, twins they were essentially two babies who looked the same to all except immediate family.

And yet my aunt insisted that they would not be dressed in gender-specific colours. Which made her life difficult.

It was a constant point of frustration to my aunt, a first-time mother and all-round wonderful person, just how blunt people could be…

“But which one is which?” people would ask. Or even, “How do you tell them apart without taking their nappies off?”.

And while I knew it was no problem for her or anyone close enough to know girl from boy (one had thick dark hair, the other light mousy brown), I always wondered why she never dressed them differently to save herself from having to endure questions like these from complete strangers.

The same could be said for parents of identical twins who choose to dress them alike – why not dress them differently? I assure you, this would have saved me a lot of time and energy spent trying to distinguish Mary-Kate from Ashley in the days of Full House.

So, should we dress twins the same? 

CLICK THROUGH the gallery to see all the identically-dressed twins:

What do you think? Is it ok to dress twins alike? 

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