17 things you didn't know about Twin Peaks.

Twin Peaks is coming back… and we couldn’t be more excited.

With the news we’ve all been waiting for finally confirmed, we thought we would take you down memory lane with 17 facts about Twin Peaks you might not know.

The show, labelled as ‘iconic’ by fans, only aired for two seasons in 1990 and 1991. But it was enough to make a huge impact on audiences.

If you’re in need of a refresher, the show was a crime thriller set in a small American town that was shocked by the murder of a very loved community member, Laura Palmer. The program was directed by David Lynch and starred Sheryl Lee, Kyle Maclachlin, Michael Ontkean and Peggy Lipton.

To tide you over until the show returns in 2016, we’ve put together 17 facts you probably didn’t know about the beloved series.

17. You may remember the strange vocal effects used during the "Black Lodge" scenes. These were done by the actors learning their lines backwards. This was then played backwards, which gave the lines a strange and confusing sound.

16. Kyle MacLachlan, who played Dale Cooper, had problems with his character's relationship with Audrey Horne (played by Sherilyn Fenn), which forced the writers to change several story lines in the second season.

15. The character of Bob came about as a mistake. Series creator David Lynch captured set decorator Frank Silva's reflection in the shot and decided to keep it, using Bob as a mythological spirit.

14. The character of Madeleine Ferguson, played by Sheryl Lee who also played Laura Palmer, came about because David Lynch was such a fan of Sheryl and wanted her to be on the show full-time.

13. Twin Peaks was supposed to have a population on 5,120, but networks were afraid the suburban population of America would not relate to a show set in a small town. It was requested by ABC that the show's official population become 51,201, but the show's creators rebelled against this by telling fans the real population was 5,120 and the 51,201 figure is a typo.

12. German broadcasting network RTL axed the program after 20 episodes due to bad ratings because a rival network revealed the identity of Laura's murderer before the pilot had even aired.

11. In 1991, a Twin Peaks calendar was created but never released because of Sherilyn Fenn's appearance in Playboy.

10. Creator David Lynch starred as Gordon Cole in the series. Gordon Cole was incidentally a character in the 1950 Marilyn Monroe film Sunset Blvd. Lynch was open with naming Marilyn and her films as a major influence for his work.


9. Before Twin Peaks was dreamt up, David Lynch and Mark Frost were working on a screen adaptation of the Marilyn Monroe biography titled Goddess. When that project failed, Twin Peaks was born. Twin Peaks encompasses many elements of Marilyn's life - this is because Lynch was a big fan.

8. The audience never find out who attacked Jacoby in episode seven, but it was supposedly the same person that killed Laura Palmer.

7. In Sheriff Harry S Truman's office there is a buck's head mounted to the wall that reads "the buck stopped here" - this is a reference to President Harry S. Truman's saying, "the buck stops here."

6. Twin Peaks was supposed to be titled 'Northwest Passage".

5. The character of Maddie Ferguson says she is visiting from Missoula, Montana. This happens to be the hometown of David Lynch.

4. Hank Jennings' prisoner number was 24601. This number is the same as Jean Valjean in Les Miserables.

3. Two of the major characters in the show have the same names as two iconic figures in history. The character of Dale Bartholomew Cooper is based on D.B. Cooper, a mysterious hijacker who jumped out of a plane in 1971 and vanished. The character of Harry Truman shares the name of the former U.S. President Harry S. Truman and an 83-year-old lodge owner named Harry R. Truman who was killed in 1980 after he refused to leave his lodge that sat at the base of a volcano.

2. Kyle MacLachlan had a major problem with Dale Cooper's love story with Audrey Horne who played Sherilyn Fenn, because Audrey was too young. Cooper's next love interest was ironically played by Heather Graham, who was five years younger than Sherilyn Fenn.

1. The show was so popular that it came in at #5 on Entertainment Weekly's 2009 list titled "25 Greatest Cult TV Shows Ever".

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Are you excited for Twin Peaks to come back? Were you a fan of the show? 

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