Meet the twins who came into the world holding hands.

Two newborn babies just entered the world holding hands. Actually, physically holding one and other’s tiny little hands.

Can there be anything sweeter than grasping onto your twin sister as you take your first-ever breath?

A mother in Ohio, USA, has just given birth to twins with a rare condition that basically means her babies got especially cosy in the womb throughout her pregnancy. Sarah Thistlewistle knew she was giving birth to monoamniotic identical twins – also called “mono mono” twins. But she couldn’t have anticipated that they’d link fingers in a gesture of adorable womb solidarity as the doctors cradled them in the first moments of their lives.

Meet Jenna and Jillian Thistlewhistle. The sisters who will grow up knowing they didn’t come into this world alone.

The twins’ mama, Sarah, has been on bed rest for the past two months because there’s a risk with mono-mono twins that they can become tangled in one another’s umbilical cords. It’s a condition that only affects 0.3% of the population, and all it means if that foetuses share a single amniotic sack. They’re in constant contact throughout the pregnancy, which explains their rather beautiful desire to stay close to one another.

The girls were born healthy at 33 weeks through a Caesarian section in Ohio’s Akron General Medical Centre.

“I didn’t think they would come out and instantly holding hands. It was overwhelming. I can’t even put into words,” Sarah told ABC News in America. “There wasn’t a dry eye in the whole OR.”

And if you think about it long enough, you might just need to wipe away a little tear yourself.

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