Seven women share the TV shows of 2017 that weren't even worth finishing. (Sorry.)

Everyone agrees 2017 has been a great year for TV.

From Game of Thrones to The Sinner, Mindhunter to The Crown, we’ve been spoilt for choice.

In fact, we could almost certainly be fluent in at least three languages if we hadn’t spent all that time in front of the screen. #NoRegrets

But… and yes, there is a but.

Not everyone agrees that the “best” TV shows of 2017 were really the best at all.

No matter how many awards or rave reviews, some women couldn’t stand the shows the critics raved about.

Here, seven women share their true thoughts about some of 2017’s most talked-about shows.

1. Riverdale

Arguably one of the best teen dramas to be made in recent years, Alice so wanted to like Riverdale. And at first, she really did. She was even able to look past the questionable story lines. Then came the deal breaker – the ridiculous mid-season breaks.

“I was so angry they went on an abrupt three-week-long break that I just never came back. You can’t just… stop… and assume I’m gonna come back,” says Alice.

Now in its second season, Riverdale is currently on – you guessed it – another mid-season break.

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2. The Handmaid's Tale

We know, we know. Admitting to not liking or finishing (the, ahem, award winning) The Handmaid's Tale is probably committing TV treason.


But this is a safe space to finally admit that despite pushing through the first slow episode, for some, it didn't get any better.

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"I found it too dense and too heavy and I felt like the world was dense and heavy this year and I needed something lighter," says Zara.

What some saw as dramatic tensions, Zara saw as boring. She didn't make it past episode three.

handmaid tale dress
ImageL Hulu

3. Stranger Things

Arguably one of the most successful Netflix originals, Stranger Things has an adorable and talented young cast. We can agree on that. The actual show though? Didn't exactly float everyone's boat.

"I absolutely do not understand the hype. It just left me feeling weird and confused after every episode," says Michelle.

"Every episode would leave me with an odd, creepy feeling that I did not appreciate. The ONLY redeeming feature was the soundtrack."

real life stranger things
Image: Netflix

4. Game of Thrones

There were a good few months when all anyone in the world was talking about Game of Thrones. Fan theories, deaths, battle scenes, dragons etc etc.

For Sarah, it was a truly baffling period.

"I just do not get it. I watched the first two seasons because my husband loved it but after that I couldn't do anymore. The plots got so violent and episodes dragged on with nothing really happening. You don't need to watch it anyway - spoiler: EVERYONE DIES," says Sarah.

Jon Snow Game of Thrones finale
Image via HBO.

5. Girl Boss

There are unlikeable characters and then there was Britt Robertson as Sophia Marlowe. Following the creation of Nasty Gal, one of the early internet's leading online shops, this showed such promise but it was almost painful to watch, says Bianca.


"I abandoned it after four episodes and seems like I wasn't the only one - Netflix cancelled it after just one season."

6. Suits

Prince Harry, please don't hurt us.

"I gave up on Suits after about a season and a half," wrote one Reddit user on a recent thread.

"All of the problems were fixed with a Deus ex machina. 'Hey, you know that problem that seemed insurmountable? Mike just found a secret file buried in the basement of the Alamo that no one knew about and now everything is okay'."


"It was entertaining initially... then fizzled into a glorified soapie," added another.

"Yep, I watched it until season five. I really liked how they solved the cases. Now it's just romance and crap," agreed another.

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7. Gypsy

Dubbed one of the worst TV shows of 2017, Gypsy was another that showed such promise. A psychological thriller that followed New York psychologist Jean played by Naomi Watts, visually it was beautiful but in terms of actual plot, surprise and general entertainment, it was dull.

Image: Netflix

Allegedly things got good in the final two episodes, but Kate didn't make it past the second.

"So many better things to watch. I even regret wasting those two hours," she says.

It ended up being the fastest Netflix drama to be axed. Ouch.

What TV shows did you find overrated or couldn't finish?