How much mums' homes on famous TV shows would cost in real life.

From the Brady Bunch to Gilmore Girls – they must be loaded.

It’s always an unknown – how much money a mum on a TV show has. They just get by with an imaginary piggy bank that seems to be smashed open when the the plot line requires it to.

But if you’ve ever wondered how much these mums are sitting on (literally) then you’ll be happy to know that a real eastate website, Trulia has figured it out for you.

Some of the women on our screens (well the character’s they played) were worth a mint. Kristen Cohen, on the O.C owned a house in Malibu California that would be worth over 5 millions dollars.

The Cohen residence.

Single mum, Lorelai Gilmore from The Gilmore Girls was worth an absolute fortune too. She was doing really well as a single mum raising her daughter. Her place in Connecticut would be worth $2, 800, 000.

The Gilmore residence.

The Brady Bunch mum, Carol Brady had a house in North Hollywood that would be worth $552, 300 - pretty good for the era she was living in.

The Brady Bunch residence.

It seems that most of the mums on our favourite TV series are sitting on hot property.

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