The biggest OMG moments of TV this week.

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TV has left us in shock and awe this week. With a surprising Bachie wrap up and host of new shows hitting our screens, there’s no better time to kick back on the couch for some screen time and a DIY mani.

Here are my picks for the biggest OMG Moments of TV this week.

The Bachelor.

OMG… Richie has chosen a (surprise) winner!

It’s safe to say that at this moment, Australia is in shock. Bachelor Richie chose Melbourne based single Mum, ‘Alex the Underdog’ not crowd fave Nikki in last night’s breathtaking finale.  Despite Alex being gifted with the white rose in the first episode of this year’s series no-one expected her to win Richie’s heart. Nailed it!

In the twist that Australia didn’t see coming, jaws dropped when Richie broke the news to Nikki whilst overlooking the tranquil Balinese rice fields.

Before making his decision, Richie’s Mum grilled the girls to ensure they gelled perfectly with her boy. Viewers were then treated to declarations of love, romantic dates and Richie staying true to form with multiple on-screen pashing. His final choice left us all blindsided.

It seems as though Alex’s poetry wooed Bachie right from day one. We hope these two make a perfect pair.

Savage. Image:


OMG... Nina finally said goodbye to Patrick.

In this year’s final episode of Offspring, we were brought to tears as Nina bid a heartfelt goodbye to two of the greatest loves of her life; Patrick and her Dad, Darcy. Next chapter for her is an exciting new love, Harry who we were introduced to this series, and the one who didn’t tickle Nina’s fancy to start with. We’re already wondering what could happen next for this exciting new pair. Has Nina found her perfect partner – the one she’ll gel with for life? Here’s hoping Nina, Zoe and Harry enjoy walking off into the sunshine together.


Nina decided to let Patrick go in this week’s finale, and joined her family in a very unique and emotional send off for her late father, Darcy. We’ll never forget the park bench, singing and scattering of family members as the inspector arrived nor perhaps the final scene of the episode and looks of shock among what has become another of this series newest pairings.

Doctor Doctor.

OMG... There’s a new show in town!

This week, a brand new drama landed on Australian TV.

Doctor Doctor follows Hugh Knight, a heart surgeon who enjoys saving lives and living it up in equal measure.

After being suspended from work over some fairly questionable practices in surgery, he winds up being seconded back to his hometown of Whyhope, where he becomes a GP. Beginning his stint at this new practice by seducing a pharmaceutical rep and learning that his ex is now dating his brother (so much for family first...), this fish-out-of-water tale was a whole lot of fun to watch.

It’ll be a miracle if this guy doesn’t chip away at the town’s folk goodwill in the upcoming weeks!

A heart surgeon who enjoys saving lives and living it up in equal measure? We're paying attention. Image:


Married At First Sight.

OMG... All the couples in the Married At First Sight final stayed together.

Well, after this week’s Married At First Sight final, we’ve all been led to believe that being married to a complete stranger on national TV may actually be the right way to find a soul mate.

At least for a little while.

Every single couple who appeared in the season finale decide to give their marriages a real crack once the cameras stopped rolling. Some of the couples seemed to make the perfect pair, though it might take more of a miracle for the others to stay together... *cough* kellerandnicole *cough*. We’re already keen to discover what happens next for these lovebirds.

Winners and Losers.

OMG... We said goodbye to the girls for the last time.

Winners and Losers, the glorious Australian rom-com about a group of friends who reunite at their 10 year high school reunion and then win the lottery together, aired its final episode this week.

In order to give the much-loved show a proper send off, we were treated to watching original characters Frances, Jenny and Sophie tear up and celebrate their lives at their 15-year school reunion.

This stalwart about love, life and friendship gelling together will be one Aussie favourite remembered for years to come.

Bye ladies. Image:

What were your OMG moments of the week?