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Why only a select few of the Married at First Sight cast were at the Logies.

For the last two nights, I’ve been up all night, ruminating on the most important question of our time: Why were only some of the Married at First Sight crew at the Logies?

Were the others… busy? Did they get the dates mixed up? Did they just not want to see Dean?

At the 2018 Logies Awards on Sunday night, there was nobody who was MORE THERE than Davina Rankin. She. Wore. Pink. Her Instagram story provided far better coverage than Channel Nine, and included her yelling that Cheryl Maitland’s dress was “the funniest thing [she’d] ever seen,” and a cameo from Karl Stefanovic who maybe a little bit didn’t know who Davina was.

But point is, we could see who was in attendance.

There was Davina (obviously). There was Dean. There was Gab, Ashley, Troy, Carly, Ryan, and, of course, Jo. That’s not even half the cast for goodness sake.

So, where was Tracey? Where was Sarah? But most importantly, where was Nasser?

Here are the best looks of the people who were actually at the Logies. Post continues…


They would have given their left legs to go to the Logies, I’m sure of it.

Well, you can always trust Dean Wells to give you the gossip. When interviewed by Yahoo on the red carpet, a very smart journalist asked him where the hell Tracey Jewel was.

“It’s a shame she couldn’t be here,” he said. “Not everyone got invited.”


“They couldn’t bring everyone I guess because there’s too many people,” he continued. “She didn’t get the call-up.”

We repeat, Tracey-goddamn-Jewel did not get the call up.

Just so we’re all across it, Davina was threatening to sue Ryan about two months ago for making a joke about her being a ‘pig’ in his stand-up comedy routine. Ashley still refuses to speak to Carly who stole her fake husband who, yes, she had already dumped. Gab has started dating Sean Donnelly, Jo’s ex, and in case you were wondering, Jo said on the red carpet that she’d like herself a piece of Scott Cam.


And TRACEY doesn’t get invited?

Tracey has had a, er, complicated few weeks, with reports that she claimed to have cervical cancer when she had been diagnosed with pre-cancerous cells, was interviewed on Oprah in 2010 about a book she did not release until 2011, and allegations that there was no record of her university degree.

But, despite her faults, Tracey was most definitely one of the biggest stars of the latest season of Married at First Sight and dammit she deserved an invite.