The 7 Aussie TV deaths that still haunt us to this day.

There are some moments in life that stick with you forever.

They shape who you are as a person.

They make you see the world differently.

They… they… make you sob uncontrollably in front of your TV while simultaneously shoving cheese-based snacks into your mouth.

The film mistakes you definitely missed. Post continues after video. 

I’m talking about the tragic deaths of our favourite TV characters, people.

Taken from our screens way too soon, we’re still grieving these deaths years, if not decades, later:

1.Patrick Reid, Offspring

tv character deaths
Patrick pls. Image via Channel 10.

I'm not going to lie. A tear just rolled down my face as I started writing this and the postman judged me.

But he doesn't understand the legend that was Patrick Reid.

He came into Nina's life - all of our lives - and finally showed us what love is (I wanna know what love is, I want you to show me).

Then he died.

It was very rude and abrupt and we didn't like it at all.

But then he haunted us for next three seasons and we were like "Patrick pls, this is getting awkward".

2.Claire McLeod, McLeod's Daughters

tv character deaths
Won't someone please think of the sheep in the paddock? Image via Channel 9.

I still remember where I was the day Claire McLeod died.

I was three quarters through a cast of goon and I was running through my university dorm wailing and yelling out 'Claire's dead... she's dead".

After I had calmed down I had to explain to my confused roommates that no, no one I knew in real life had died.

Claire McLeod, the feminist hero we never knew we needed, who could shear a sheep and milk a cow with the best of them, had died when her ute went off the road and plunged down a random steep cliff face.

What about Tess? What about the Ryan brothers? What about the sheep in the paddocks?

3.Melissa Rafter, Packed To The Rafters

tv character deaths
Please make it stop. Image via Channel 7.

I'll never listen to Coldplay's 'Fix You' without thinking about Mel Rafter's death on Packed To The Rafters.

Mel had just married Ben, they were happy, and then Mel looked down at her phone while driving home one night, ran a red light, and was hit and killed.

'Fix You' played in the background and nothing was ever the same on the Rafter's household.

4.Lou Jackson Paige, Love My Way

tv character deaths
Oh God no. Image via Foxtel.

I can't... but also I have to... and I will.

This is probably the most devastating death in Australian TV history.

After just a few episodes of Love My Way, little Lou collapses in the park and dies.

Of course she makes cameo appearances in flashbacks but NO, this should never have happened.

5.Dee Bliss, Neighbours

tv character deaths
Toadie NOOOOO. Image via Channel 10.

Toadie has had a hard life.

His name is Toadie.

He had that mullet.

He's never left Ramsay St.

Then he met Dee Bliss. He was 100% punching above his weight but they loved each other and they got married.

Then Toadie drove them off the cliff on the way home from their wedding ceremony and Dee disappeared into the ocean.



6.Mitchell 'Mitch' Stevens, All Saints

tv character deaths
She was a nun and then you finally got together and then you died. Image via Channel 7.

After years of will they/won't they, All Saints' Mitch Stevens and Terri Sullivan finally hooked up.

Then bloody Mitch went and got a brain tumour and died.

There was that tragic scene where Terri cried over Mitch's body on the hospital bed and Jesus, someone please pass the tissues.

7. Molly Jones, A Country Practice

tv character deaths
Molly pls. This is too much. Image: Channel 7.

Hearts around the country broke when A Country Practice's Molly died in 1984.

The wife of Wandin Valley Hospital's only male nurse, Brendan Jones, passed away just 10 weeks after she was diagnosed with leukaemia.

Molly's death was one of the most watched TV events of the year and people still talk about it 34 years later.

RIP Molly.

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