This family just found their pet tortoise in the attic, 30 years after it disappeared.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Crush from Finding Nemo.

The Tortoise that beat the Hare.

There is a surprisingly accomplished list of celebrity turtles. But this turtle may have just beaten the lot.

Manuela the red-shelled tortoise disappeared from her family home in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1982.

Her family thought she had run away… (very, very slowly.)

But after the recent death of the family patriarch, the children began to sort through some old boxes from a locked storage room. And there, next to some old kitchen items and a broken record player, sat Manuela, patiently waiting for a cuddle.


That is one low-maintenance pet.

FACT: Red-footed tortoises can survive in the wild for two to three years without food.

FACT: Thirty years is considered to be freaking amazing.

It is expected that little Manuela probably survived by eating wandering termites and licking condensation. For three decades.

Last time she saw daylight, shoulder pads and mullets were high fashion and Michael Jackson had just released his new hit Thriller. Let’s hope the little lady bounces back into an active social life and doesn’t let the 30-year-whoopsie force her into her shell. Ahem.

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