Turia Pitt is going to parent Hakavai by her dad's two rules, and they're brilliant.

If there’s anyone we’d turn to for parenting advice, it would be new mum to baby Hakavai Hoskin, Turia Pitt.

She came into the public eye in 2011 when she suffered burns to more than 60 per cent of her body. She’d been trapped by bush fires while running the Race the Planet Ultra marathon in WA, and has since become a motivational speaker and living, and walking inspiration.

And it seems like she’ll take to parenting seamlessly.

Over the weekend Pitt told Rendeview that she and fiance Michael Hoskin are going to take a leaf out of her dad’s parenting book, sticking with his two golden rules:

“Number one – no whingeing, number two – no bloody whingeing.”

And if Pitt’s life is any example, it’s clearly winning advice.

There’s arguably not many people that could come out of a horrific incident with a new resolve, and turn it into a productive change of career that helps and motivates thousands, but that’s exactly what Pitt did.

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In the same interview, the athlete said it was all about self-perception, and perspective – a principle that got her through her recovery, and child birth, which she said she approached in the same way as “every major surgery she’s had,” and as you can imagine, she’s had many.

“It’s good to remind yourself that you’re always in control of how you see the world,” she said.

Reflecting on her practice Pitt states that she first wrote, “a list of all the bad things that could happen,” like that “it’s going to hurt, I don’t know if I can do it, what if I can’t handle the pain.”

Before counteracting them with gratitude – “How grateful I am to still be here, to have a beautiful partner like Michael, and to get to experience this. How cool will it be to meet my son. That one day I’ll be able to watch him surfing, diving and hanging with Michael,” she says.

Turia Pitt parenting advice
Baby Hakavai and Turia. Images via Instagram.

It's not the first time Pitt shared her pearls of parenting wisdom. Earlier this year she shared with the The Advertiserthat the main teaching lesson she hopes to teach Havakai is "resilience".

“We want to protect our kids and for everything to be good and great for them, I get that, but the truth is you can’t stop everything bad from happening to your kid,” she said. "“They will get their heart broken, bullied and not get the job they wanted, but I think it is better to give them tools to cope when that stuff happens.

"No matter what happens he has the ability to cope because challenges are part of life."

And really, it doesn't matter whether you're a parent, student, focusing on your career, or in a bit of a life slump, it's note-worthy advice none the less.

Now if she'd care to give us a play by play example of exactly how to do that, we would be all ears.

Please and thank you.