There's only one woman left on Instagram worth following. (And it's not this one).

Is it just me, or is everyone sick of seeing so many perfect bodies, photos of sunsets, and faux inspirational quotes?

You log onto Instagram, and your feed is filled with photos like this:

And this:

And this:

And you’re so overwhelmed by superficiality, you’re thinking of logging off social media altogether.



There’s someone you should follow who’ll inspire you. FOR. REAL.

Her name is Turia Pitt.

And she posts photos like this:

With captions like this:

Recovering #postop – how clever are my surgeons? Getting function back for my right hand.

Just when social media was getting so far up its own butt that I thought all the people in my feed might self-combust whilst watching a sunset and sharing an inspirational quote – this beautiful young woman popped up in my feed.

Turia Pitt suffered burns to 60% of her body when she became trapped in a gorge surrounded by a raging bushfire. She was competing in an Ultramarathon – a race that should have been cancelled as a fire brewed close to the route.

Her horrendous burns meant she was put in an induced coma while she fought to live. She had so little unburnt skin that doctors were unable to perform skin grafts and had to import skin from donors in California. Her family and doctors later admitted that when Turia was first brought into hospital, they’d hoped she wouldn’t survive. They thought Turia’s injuries too catastrophic for her to ever live a happy life.


Three years on, Turia Pitt is living life better than most. Against all odds, she’s thriving. She’s just climbed the Great Wall of China.

Hello? Amazing.

But it’s not Instabrag.

No, no, no. It’s quite the opposite. Every photo she posts, makes my day genuinely better.

On Sunday, I was tired and feeling a bit sorry for myself while I was looking after my sick kids. Cue the violins, right? As I flicked through my Instagram feed I saw the same old pictures: sunsets, a baby doing a duck face, an inspirational quote, an infinity pool, a passive-aggressive work photo, a bikini-clad celebrity.

And then I saw Turia with a bandage around her arm. The caption? “Recovering postop – how clever are my surgeons? Getting function back for my right hand”.

And I felt good. For her. For me.

This is a young woman who says she’s the “luckiest girl in the world”. And she’s getting on with her day. Grabbing life by the shoulders and giving it a red hot go.

It reminded me that her life isn’t just magazine covers, school speeches and fundraisers. In between all that, Turia Pitt strives to live a normal life. She has ongoing medical procedures and her own daily challenges. And she’s just powering through.

The message? So should I.

For a little piece of wonderful, follow this beautiful woman at @turiapitt