Turia Pitt's social media is the funniest thing on the internet right now.

You might know Turia Pitt as a champion of overcoming adversity. As the women whose determination knows no bounds. Who came back from burns to 65% of her body, was told she’d never run again, and went, ‘Stuff that, I’m doing an Ironman just to prove you all wrong suckers, see you at the finish line.’

But what you might not know about her is that she is actually, deeply hilarious. Her social media game is everything. My new favourite past time is stalking her Facey and Instagram and double tapping old posts like a creep. And I’m not even sorry.

To glance at, it looks like every other fitspo instagram account. But it’s the captions, people. The captions will have you spitting out your green smoothie.


Can take the piss like no one else.

Even when it comes to training (which she does a lot of), it’s too real:

More funny women we have girl crushes on:

Of course, there’s plenty of inspo in there, but it’s the LOLS that keep coming no matter where she is.

Who references 90’s rap? This girl:

And the relationship commentary is on point.

Again: cute couple shot completely slayed by caption:


And just when I couldn’t love her enough, SO many Beyonce references.

Just call me Becky. Becky with the good hair. ????????

A photo posted by Turia (@turiapitt) on Aug 16, 2016 at 5:53pm PDT

Of course, there’s a lot of brilliant inspo stuff too. But it’s the lols that make me love her the most.

Girl crush level: 1000.

She did a full podcast interview with Mia Freedman that was is pretty great too, in which I’ve had to listen back to as I stalk her. She talks about how people sometimes pull on her hair to see if it’s real, and how they had to ship in cadavar skin (yeah, really) for her from the United States to help with her burns recovery. It’s jaw-droppingly good, and so funny, and all the inspiration you need in your life.

Listen here in No Filter. Or if you’re new to podcasts and you don’t quite understand them yet, they’re free, and available in our Mamamia podcast app.

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