Turia Pitt attempted to have a baby-free date night. Things did not go entirely to plan.

Two months ago, Turia Pitt and her fiancé, Michael Hoskin, welcomed their first child, a beautiful baby boy they named Hakavai.

Earlier this week, Turia and Michael decided that it was about time they left baby Hakavai at home and had a baby-free date night.

Only… that’s not exactly what happened.

The 30-year-old shared the details of her ‘First Night Out Together After Birth Of Child’ with her 751,000 followers, revealing the pair spent a grand total of one hour and 50 minutes sans child.

But even the majority of that time was spent chatting – or worrying – about their beloved baby boy.

Turia Pitt Michael Hoskin
Turia Pitt and Michael Hoskin on their not-so-successful date night. Image via Instagram.

"Time spent catching up on our respective lives: 14 minutes," Turia shared.

"Time spent talking about Hakavai: 58 minutes. Time spent looking at photos of Hakavai on phone: 32 minutes.

"Time spent checking messages on said phone from the babysitter (Mum): 6 minutes."

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Turia's "too real" post resonated with the many mums among her followers, with many sharing that the minute-by-minute breakdown summed up life after baby "perfectly".

"One of the funniest, most true posts ever," one fellow mum shared, while another commented, "welcome to parenthood".

"I remember our first outing after having our kids it's an [unnerving] and odd feeling," another wrote.

Turia - who suffered severe burns to more than 60 per cent of her body in 2011 while competing in a Racing The Planet Ultra marathon in WA struck by wild fire - has earned plenty of praise from her fans for presenting her honest and open experiences as a new mother since Hakavai's arrival in early December.

Just two weeks ago she shared how she was finding being a parent to a newborn "really challenging and exhausting".

Turia Pitt and baby Hakavai
Turia Pitt with baby Hakavai. Image via Instagram.

"Parenting is hard," she shared.

"I've got a baby that sleeps, a supportive partner, parents and inlaws on speed dial, heaps of mates who've had babies and I'm still finding it really challenging and exhausting.

"To all the parents out there, you're all legends, and you're all doing a good job!"

She also shared the story of her 13-hour labour with her email subscribers earlier this month, detailing that, despite the fact she was 40 weeks pregnant, her baby boy didn't want to budge.

#40weeks today. C’mon mate, #wherethebloodyhellareya ?! ????

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"At 40 weeks and two days, I saw my chiropractor and got my pelvis aligned," she wrote.

"I swam a kilometre. I went to an acupuncturist. I made an eggplant parmigiana (I used a recipe touted all over the internet as the best labour inducing food out there)."

It wasn't until she farted (she described the moment as "very glamorous") and started laughing that her waters broke, and after rushing to the hospital, Turia begged the nurses three times to let her start pushing.

You can read more about her birth story here.

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