Men experience being pregnant for a day and just can't deal.

And it’s for less than 24 hours.

Imagine if, while you’re pregnant, you could take off your big belly suit at the end of the day because you were too exhausted to keep it on.

What about if the man in your life could genuinely say, ‘sweetie, I know how you feel’ and he actually meant it. Because if you were married to one of the men from the BuzzfeedVideo Try Guys they wouldn’t be lying.

Four men, who are part of a group called the Try Guys have just made a BuzzFeed video where they experienced being pregnant for a day. They wore pregnant body suits, endured labour pains and had to go about their days as a pregnant man.

The result – hilarity and a deep appreciation for what women do.

It’s the video that pregnant women’s dreams are made of. If only every man had to do this just once to understand what pregnancy was like.

In the video the men struggle to get dressed, to walk, to stand and talk, to eat, to drive, to get in and out of a car, to work, to move up and down, to do any form of exercise and so the list goes on.

They endure labour pains:

They experience a pregnant body:

They try to sleep:

They attempt getting dressed:

They go about their daily duties...

They exercise:

The result:

It's a comedic take on pregnancy, but also teaches an important lesson. Pregnancy is hard. Pregnancy is tough. Women are amazing for what they endure for nine months.

Bravo Try Guys.

Do you think all men should have do this for a day?

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