The reality behind this 'magical' wedding photo is actually really gross.

How far would you go for the perfect wedding photo?

While many couples invest in bridal photographers, hair and makeup professionals and an Instagram-worthy venue, we’re willing to bet you’d probably draw the line at expelling bodily fluids.

But not these newlyweds.

For this bride and groom, securing the money shot was their top priority, which shows because the end result is gorgeous.

… But, um we’re guessing we weren’t meant to see just how the photographer, Rom Celano, managed to create the magical moment.

With water. Being spat out of someone’s mouth. Yep.


Such admirable teamwork.

A Tumblr user, named Angelbond14, shared the hilarious behind the scenes image. And it just goes goes to show it takes a lot of skill, timing and tolerance to get the perfect photo.

And some strong salivary glands could help too.

You can check out more of Rom Celano’s work here.

Would you go to these lengths for the perfect wedding photo?

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